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Meet Bloom, Your Personal AI Tutor

An AI tutor for high schools and universities for every subject.

Trained on any course material

Bloom can be trained to answer content and admin questions for any subject.

Teaching persona

Bloom’s Socratic persona is trained to teach and encourage curiosity, not just give answers.

Bloom AI Tutor is made for education

References to the course material and outlines

Mathematics and coding environments

Multi-lingual support with English key terms

Ability to block assessment questions

What our students say

Used by thousands of students and counting…

Bloom has been used in a top Australian university, and multiple high schools, teaching subjects such as economics, management, physics, and psychology. We’ve seen the following benefits:

Improved student experience

After using Bloom for one term, we saw record-high student course feedback.

Improved inclusivity and accessibility

Students told us that it gave them a safe space to ask questions. Groups of students who normally spoke up less in class used Bloom more.

Saved staff time

Lecturers and teachers told us that it saved them time answering basic questions, so they could focus on the higher quality ones.

Enterprise-grade security

Encrypted and secure data

Single Sign On (SSO) and Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Regular vulnerability scans

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