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Consulting for educational institutions and startups

We provide consulting and advisory for educational institutions, education companies and technology startups, on topics relating to strategy, AI and technology.

Educational institutions and companies

  • Strategy reviews and diagnostics
  • AI readiness assessment and diagnostic
  • AI policy development
  • AI risk management and responsible AI
  • AI tutor implementation
  • Cross-disciplinary curriculum assessment and integration
  • Enrolment and retention strategy
  • Student support policy
  • Major grant applications

Startups and scaleups

  • Business and investment cases
  • Investor pitch decks
  • Stakeholder and board engagement
  • Growth strategy
  • Market entry and go-to-market strategy
  • B2B sales strategy
  • Government relations
  • AI strategy

Our experience in consulting and advisory

Our team has a wide variety of experiencing in strategy and technology advisory, including:

  • Carbon fibre commercialisation plan for a university consortium. A university formed a consortium to commercialise carbon fibre for use in the construction industry. We conducted analysis on unit economics, mapped out stakeholders, and developed the business case for potential customers.
  • Government relations and funding for a giga-scale renewables venture. We helped coordinate their overall government relations strategy with multiple jurisdictions, and put together a submission to the Australian Government to pitch for over $1bn of funding.
  • Go-to-market for a cultivated meat startup. A Series-A cultivated meat startup based in San Francisco engaged us on their go-to-market strategy, venture capital funding pitch and 5-year cost outlook.
  • Board engagement for Australian fintech startup and bank. We supported an Australian fintech startup with a critical presentation to the board of a client bank in order to unlock the first payment of revenue.
  • Digitisation and government relations for an Australian telco. We supported a large Australian telecommunications company with a proposal to the Federal Government to promote digitisation.
  • Global market entry for a Japanese technology conglomerate. A Japanese technology conglomerate wanted to sell their 5G technology to global markets. We helped them with market sizing and prioritisation, value chain positioning, stakeholder analysis, and acquisition target identification.

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